The Climate Kelpie News (formerly known as CliMag) is a free newsletter published by the Managing Climate Variability project. It keeps you up-to-date with our research, and how our research findings are being applied in agriculture and natural resource management.

Climate Kelpie News (published December 2018)

Topics covered:

  • ASKBill puts sheep producers a step ahead of the season
  • what are the models really telling us
  • the Fast Break climate newsletter reaches new audiences
  • taking care of the soil takes care of the sugarcane business

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CLIMAG 27 (published July 2016)

Topics covered:

  • Australia’s seasonal forecasting system undergoes surgery
  • The rainfall–nitrogen conundrum for grain growers
  • Managing Climate Variability – 25 years on
  • Project updates
  • R&D for Profit projects
  • Farmers making better decisions with Bureau products

Download here (PDF 2.03MB)

CLIMAG 26 (published July 2015)

Topics covered:

  • Funding success reaffirms importance of seasonal forecasting timescales
  • An ongoing dialogue: Making decisions in spite of uncertain forecasts
  • Using seasonal forecasts: How long before farmers see a pay-off?
  • Extreme heat: New forecast tools available for testing
  • Multi-week forecasts may help with applying nitrogen, reducing emissions
  • Project updates
  • What cost improved seasonal forecasts for agriculture?

Download here (PDF 1.11MB)

CLIMAG 25 (published June 2014):

Topics covered:

  • The key to better seasonal forecasts: Is it a multi-model approach?
  • Climate tools that manage for drought
  • Project updates
  • Researchers blazing a trail on extreme heat predictions
  • Improving regional forecasts for rainfall and temperature
  • From heat stress to frost risk: Recent research into Australia’s climate
  • Multi-week forecast maps on the way
  • Weather forecasts may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from nitrogen fertiliser
  • App update to provide access to drought and crop yield analysis
  • Onwards and upwards for Managing Climate Variability

Download here (PDF 696KB)

CLIMAG 24 (published May 2013):

Topics covered:

  • From big picture to regional relevance
  • Your CliMate at your fingertips
  • Project updates
  • Western region: WA farmers battle complex seasonal variability
  • Southern region: Soil, water and extreme events
  • Northern region: The smell of rain—only a week or 100 kilometres away
  • Evolutionary times for our farmers and science

Download here (PDF 3.74MB)

CLIMAG 23 (published August 2012):

Topics covered:

  • The science of climate variability – a 10-year retrospective
  • Project updates
  • Farming through a decade of climate challenges – business as usual
  • Computer grunt gives seasonal forecasting the edge
  • WATL they think of next?
  • Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get

Download here (PDF 1.96MB)

CLIMAG 22 (published March 2012):

Topics covered:

  • Farmers and scientists move forward with knowledge
  • Farmers love the ‘show and tell’ nature of annual workshops
  • Climate Kelpie – ask an expert
  • Adapting primary industries to changing climates – the big picture
  • Project updates
  • Weather forecasting: it’s complex
  • Growers remain cool in the face of extreme heat
  • Mobile applications increasingly enriching farmers’ timely decisions
  • What does Australia’s carbon tax mean for agriculture?

Download here (PDF 1.73MB)

CLIMAG 21 (published September 2011):

Topics covered:

  • Friend or foe: flooded farmer still saves water for two years in advance
  • Win-win: how drought conditions can improve pastures and reduce salinity
  • The long view: using climate outlooks to manage a mixed enterprise
  • Do you want to learn about your local climate?
  • Project updates
  • Predicting ‘flooding rains’ and cyclones
  • Australian farmers need better forecasts
  • Outstanding warning performance for severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi
  • Research that can turn prediction into profit
  • From the farm to plant and climate science
  • Climate forecasting—how good will it get?
  • What should rainfall look like—on a weather map?

Download here (PDF 1.04MB)

CLIMAG 20 (published April 2011):

Topics covered:

  • Climate Champion Program update: workshops, media and awards
  • What’s new on Climate Kelpie?
  • An award-winning partnership: with your cows, the landscape and the community
  • Project updates
  • Managing climate risk, one region at a time
  • Climate-analyser app for Australia’s next-generation farmers
  • POAMA: the dynamism of dynamical modelling
  • Future climate science is about managing the variability now

Download here (PDF 1.06MB)

CLIMAG 19 (published July 2010):

Topics covered:

  • Farmers on board to champion climate risk management
  • Project updates
  • Continuing to invest in climate science for better forecasts
  • Climate change adaptation plan for primary industries
  • Frost and heat extremes under the microscope in Western Australia
  • Victorian farmers have varied opinions on climate change
  • What drives South Australia’s weather?

Download here (PDF 2.10MB)

CLIMAG 18 (published December 2009):

Topics covered:

  • Multi-week forecasts will help bridge the gap
  • Farmer takes the helm at Managing Climate Variability
  • Better forecasts remain the focus under new administration
  • Project updates
  • Three new projects aim for better forecasts
  • Climate Kelpie starts to round up tools
  • Doing what’s best for the farm and the environment is challenging
  • What drives Victoria’s weather?

Download here (PDF 2.41MB)

CLIMAG 17 (published June 2009):

Topics covered:

  • Meeting Australia’s rainfall forecast challenges
  • Rounding up climate information and tools for farmers
  • Project updates
  • Understanding climate extremes increases resilience
  • Looking for tipping points as horticultural crops feel the heat
  • Will current best management practices give sugarcane growers the edge?
  • What drives Western Australia’s weather?

Download here (PDF 1.37MB)

CLIMAG 16 (published December 2008):

Topics covered:

  • R&D meets farmers’ needs in a changing climate
  • Results from the CLIMAG reader survey
  • Managing Climate Variability Project updates
  • Farmers seeking complex climate information
  • The future of communicating climate change
  • Changing farm planning to suit Western Australia’s drier conditions
  • What drives Queensland’s weather?

Download here (PDF 760KB)

CLIMAG 15 (published July 2008):

Topics covered:

  • Smart responses to climate change
  • Keeping the focus on variability
  • South-west WA farmers to benefit from better seasonal forecasts
  • What’s driving Australia’s rainfall?
  • Three new ways to view seasonal forecasts
  • Innovators in the Wimmera Mallee

Download here (PDF 1.33MB)

CLIMAG 14 (published January 2008):

Topics covered:

  • Looking ahead after south-east Australia’s driest year
  • Increased seasonal forecast skill tops the list for farmers
  • Seasonal forecasts help NRM planning
  • Managing agriculture in a changing climate: A report from Greenhouse 2007
  • The lure of Australia’s complex climate systems
  • Climate predictions for better risk management

Download here (PDF 894KB)

CLIMAG 13 (published June 2007):

Topics covered:

  • In a changing world, what next for Managing Climate Variability?
  • Yield prediction tools save input costs in extreme season
  • Farmers and scientists brief parliament on climate variability
  • Monsoon magic
  • Building the kitbag of grazing tools
  • Using soil moisture to quantify drought
  • Piecing together the climate and water puzzle

Download here (PDF 2.62MB)

CLIMAG 12 (published December 2006):

Topics covered:

  • Finding order in the chaos: Australia’s regional climate
  • A farewell to Harm
  • Why has 2006 been so dry?
  • Flexible feedbase options for dairy farmers
  • The Wet crystal ball
  • Hedging your bets with derivatives
  • Making hay while the sun shines – or not
  • Managing Climate Variability – what next?

Download here (PDF 1.67MB)

CLIMAG 11 (published June 2006):

Topics covered:

  • Climate Connect 2006
  • Meet the MCV team
  • Working with the weather, on land and on water
  • Drier or wetter? It’s not all about rainfall
  • Less frosty for northern wheat growers
  • Long-term records build confidence in management decisions
  • Prophecies for a risky business
  • Communicating climate risk information

Download here (PDF 787KB)

CLIMAG 10 (published August 2005):

Topics covered:

  • Global circulation models: the key to future forecasting?
  • WhopperCropper: taking the ‘risk’ out of risk management
  • Targeting tree establishment using seasonal climate forecasts
  • Adaptability the key to climate change: report
  • Climate variability the focus on the Eyre Peninsula
  • Climate CRC update
  • Climate – a never trending story?

Download here (PDF 266KB)