The Providing Farmers with Regional Weather and Climate Guides project is part of the Australian Government’s Drought Assistance Package, announced by Minister Littleproud 19 August 2018. The project will help farmers to improve their ability to make quantitative risk management decisions, by creating localised guides that provide farmers and regional communities with facts about the likelihood, severity and duration of key weather variables that affect the resilience of their businesses and communities.

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How are these guides created?

Creation of the guides has been a collaboration between the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the CSIRO and FarmLink Research (a grower group from southern NSW). For each NRM region, a workshop is conducted with a small group of representatives from the area, generally including a mix of farmers, agribusinesses, industry professionals and local government, to discuss the issues affecting agriculture in the region. Scientists from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO then work to provide the relevant data, and a team of professional communicators create the draft guide for the region.

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