ProductionWise online tools

Seasonal Climate, Rainfall Outlook, Drought Monitor and Crop Tracker


These tools have been designed to enable farmers to map, record, monitor and manage their farming activities and crop development more effectively. 


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Who these tools are for

Australian growers, farm managers and advisors


Questions these tools answer

  • How much have my current farm conditions deviated from the long-term average?
  • How can I predict my yield and plan for the future?
  • What is the Drought Index for my area?
  • When should I spray my paddocks? 
  • What are my current soil moisture and evapotranspiration levels? 
  • How can I irrigate more efficiently?


What these tools do

By providing accurate paddock-specific information, ProductionWise tools allow you to make informed and timely decisions.

Seasonal Climate tool

This tool enables you to track rainfall, soil moisture, evapotranspiration and temperature using interactive charts, animations or tabulated data. 

You can observe 10-day seasonal climate data for current and previous years. You can also receive a climate summary email containing year-to-date rainfall, soil moisture and Drought Index information.


Rainfall Outlook tool

Through the rainfall outlook tool you can view 1-, 2-, 3-, 6- and 9-month rainfall forecasts, as well as high resolution images of predicted national and state rainfall amounts and percentiles.


Drought Monitor tool

This index will show the current severity and trend of dryness for your farm. 

It uses a national archive of spatial grids at 1 kilometre resolution, which are updated every 10 days. These contain data on rainfall, temperature and the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI). 

The Drought Index is calculated by determining how much present conditions (within the last 12 months) have deviated from the multi-year, long-term average for the same period of time.


Crop Tracker tool

This tool enables you to track your paddock biomass (NDVI) and make yield predictions, side by side. 

Through access to the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM), you can view the effects of climatic events and operations over current and historical years and view simulated crop growth stages. 

You can also see predicted soil moisture for the remainder of the season and monitor the effectiveness of your irrigation.



In the paddock diary you record your observations, management practices, operations and inputs (such as specific crop varieties, fertilisers or chemicals) for an individual paddock or group of paddocks. 

You can also:

  • record rainfall, soil moisture, evapotranspiration and temperature data 
  • map your paddock and grain-storage facilities 
  • select from up to 50 soils on the APSIM soils database
  • compare your operation with historical growing windows and rotations
  • calculate paddock-specific gross margins



Based on your cropping history, the system creates your own production profile. 

This profile analyses your data and determines your overall production performance. 

After you have recorded your data for an individual paddock, for instance, you can visit Crop Tracker to see the effects of management practices and rainfall events on the final season forecast yield in that paddock. 

You can share your profile with your advisor so they can monitor and manage the profile and make recommendations for you. 



ProductionWise was developed by GrainGrowers

It is Australia’s only fully integrated online farm management system for growers, farm managers and advisors.

New products, varieties and techniques used in the industry are regularly updated and added to the system to provide you with access to the latest information.



The ProductionWise online crop management system was developed by GrainGrowers to boost the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of Australian farming enterprises.


Support available

For more information, visit the ProductionWise website or contact the GrainGrowers information services division: 

Phone: 1800 620 519


ProductionWise training courses are also available. You can register your interest for these on the website. 


Where to get them

Go to the ProductionWise website.

A ProductionWise Farm Manager App has also been released for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 



Registration is free. 

Some tools are free to use, and others require subscription.

Go to the website’s registration page for further information about cost.



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