THE CLIMATE KELPIE BLOG: The air above Antarctica is suddenly getting warmer

Posted by BCG on 23rd September 2019

Recent improvements in modelling and the Bureau of Meteorology’s supercomputer, have allowed the Bureau to identify a change in air temperature high above the South Pole that is likely to impact on Australia’s weather through to January.

In the last week of August, temperatures in the Antarctic stratosphere began warming at a much faster rate than normal in a phenomenon called sudden stratospheric warming. This warming event may affect eastern Australia’s weather over the coming months, especially in NSW and southern Queensland.

The improved understanding of the role of the stratosphere and how it can help predict Australia’s climate comes from the Forewarned is Forearmed project, which is supported by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program and a number of partners.

Read the Bureau’s article on sudden stratospheric warming on The Conversation website here.