THE CLIMATE KELPIE BLOG: Climate Analyser decision-support system tools

Posted by eConnect on 13th September 2012

Research objectives

Deliver a set of next-generation user-friendly climate risk management tools that farmers can easily access to query weather data.

Project duration

2010 – 2012

Progress to date

The Australian CliMate (CliMate) app for iPhone, iPod and iPad was released on the iTunes app store in December 2012.

A web version was released in March 2013 to help a broader range of users.

The app sources data from the Queensland Government’s SILO climate data, which is an enhanced version of the Bureau of Meteorology data.

It delivers recent weather data and likely climate probabilities.

It is the first app to ‘interrogate’ long-term weather statistics using a set of decision-makers’ questions.

Seasonal outlooks are given, based on analysis of Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures, and provide a measure of past skill for the forecast.

CliMate can also calculate heat sums, and estimate soil water and soil nitrate accumulation in fallows where soil water is important for cropping prospects.

CliMate has 7 tools:

1. How often?

Example: What is the chance of planting rain based on an amount of rainfall over so many days?

2. How hot-cold?

Example: When determining an ideal sowing date, when are cold stresses lowest for the optimum flowering time?

3. Season’s progress?

Example: When adjusting inputs during a crop or pasture season, how does the current season’s heat sum compare with previous seasons?

4. How wet? N?

Example: How much water and nitrate have I stored over the fallow?

5. How likely?

Example: Based on current ENSO conditions, what is the probability that rainfall is greater than key thresholds?

6. How’s El Nino?

Example: What is the current ENSO status based on key atmospheric and oceanic indicators?

7. How’s the Past?

Example: What have been the monthly and annual temperature summaries in the past?

Research contact

Dr David Freebairn

Phone: 0408 876 904

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